Video Wall LED Panel P2.6

| Watch: Video Wall LED Panel P2.6 reproduces stunning colors

Video wall LED panel HHWI series is for flex installation and vivid colors.

HHWI video wall LED panel has various sizes for flex installation. Moreover, you can rotate the panels for particular installation. The key panel is 500x1000mm and the others can be 500x750mm, 500x500mm, 1000x250mm, etc.  The smallest panel is 250x250mm. Therefore, you can install a video wall from small to giant. Furthermore, the size can be multiple of 250mm.

Space-saving Video Wall LED Panel

The LED panel is ultra-thin, only 44mm. Besides, it has magnet front access, hence front maintenance. Therefore, there is no need space in the back for maintenance. You can mount the LED panels on the wall directly without any bracket if the wall is solid and flat. The ultimate video wall thickness can be only 44mm, thus space-saving. It is very important for indoor video wall applications, particularly in small rooms or close view distance. Use it as a LED advertising screen in retail and hospitality. You can also use it in church for worship.

P2.6 Video Wall LED Panel
| 250x500mm, 500x1000mm panels assemble P2.6 LED Video wall, SMD1515 and MBI5264. 

Easy Assembly and Maintenance

When we start the video wall installation, we will fix the LED panels on the wall firstly. Then, we will fix the LED modules on the panels in front. There is no cable connection between the LED modules to the HUB board. The inside design is tidy and neat. Besides, there are fast locks on each side. It saves time also. It is easy to examine if there is a flaw. Replace the broken component with a spare. After a new module with flash memory is installed to replace the old one, the calibration coefficients stored in the flash memory can be automatically uploaded to the receiving card when it is powered on. Repair the old one later.

High definition and close view distance

P2.6 is the most popular pitch for indoor video wall applications. The other pixel pitches are 1.5mm, 1.9mm, 2.5mm, 2.9mm, 3.9mm, and 4.8mm. The smaller pixel pitch, the higher pixel resolution. It is easy to reproduce UHD and FHD images and videos. Besides, the screen is not pixelated within a close view distance.

Stunning image

The video wall has a wide color gamut providing a fine and vivid display image even in low brightness conditions. Besides, Intelligent color management allows for a perfect match between the display’s color gamut and that of the source video. This eliminates color deviation, especially the common issue of reddish skin color. This adherence to the original intended color allows the natural beauty of the original source video to shine. Moreover, Precise Grayscale allows for more accurate brightness control and results in a natural image and improved color casting in low brightness.

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