P3.9 Outdoor LED Screen

Outdoor Rental LED Screen P3.9
P3.9 outdoor LED screen HHM series is in the aging test

P3.9 Outdoor LED Screen is seamless and custom for events. 

Customize your stage LED screen in different sizes and shapes because the LED panel is precise, modular, and scalable. Assemble them with the mechanic locking system rapidly. You can build various LED screens, from small to large, flat, curved, or right-angled. The stage LED screens have hanging bars for easy hanging or stacking installation. They also have a video processor or splicer for diverse signal inputs, like live broadcasting. You will build a fabulous live show, concert, gala, touring, etc.

P3.9 LED display can be applied both indoors and outdoors. The brightness is 4,500 nits outdoors while 1,000 nits indoors. We can adjust it with its control system. It is an investment with a double benefit. The LED video wall also has a high refresh rate, extensive view angle, low power consumption, high contrast, and wide color gamut.

Watch the P3.9 outdoor LED screen on Youtube. 

LED Panel

The LED panel size is 50x100cm. And the weight is about 13kg. It is handy and solid. There are handles for fetching from the flight cases, piling a height, and dismantling. The corner protection avoids damage to the LEDs during transportation and installation. The panel is tough to withstand diverse conditions, thus precise all the time. It is also anti-collision.

A 50x100cm panel is cheaper compared with a 50x50cm. And it is quicker to install a giant LED screen. However, 50x50cm can be more flexible. For example, when you need a screen height of 5.5m. Therefore, we suggest purchasing several 50x50cm panels together with 50x100cm. You can mix and match them for different sizes.

Quick assembly and Easy maintenance

Two fast locks are on each side of the panel for quick assembly. The locating pins in the top with magnets align the panels. It assists in assembling them seamlessly. Hanging bars adapt to them also.

The LED module size is 250x250mm. It can be both front and rear access, thus maintaining without location limit. Besides, the control box is independent and connected without cables. You can detach them easily from the panel if there is a fault. And then replace a new one. Enough spare parts such as LED modules, LEDs, control box, power supply, and cards are sent together with the screen. Furthermore, the led module has calibration and storage.

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